While Christians do sin, they nevertheless do not sin on a continual or regular basis. They’re not enslaved or addicted to sin. They’ve been freed from sin’s mastery and have Christ’s liberating power to say NO to sin and YES to righteousness. So if you find yourself sinning a lot and just can’t seem to stop yourself from sinning, there’s obviously a problem in your life. Let’s look at what the problem could be.

(1) YOU’RE NOT SAVED. If you’re always sinning and can’t stop sinning, you’re enslaved to sin. Since you’re enslaved, then this may well mean that Christ hasn’t yet freed you from sin’s power or control in your life. In other words, you may not be saved. Unsaved persons live in sin and they’ll continue to sin because they’re under the control or dominion of sin. You may like to think you’re saved. But do you know for a fact that you are? Do you remember the time when you gave your life to Jesus? Did you have a genuine conversion experience?

(2)  YOU’RE NOT REPENTANT. A good tree produces good fruits. If the fruits are bad, then the tree is bad. This is what Jesus said and He isn’t wrong about that, Matthew 7:16-20. If you firmly believe you’re truly saved, then the many and continual sins in your life stand in stark contradiction to the good fruit that a good tree should be bearing. The problem may be one of unrepentance. Like unregenerates, unrepentant people want to continue to sin. They don’t want to give it up. You’re continually sinning because you haven’t repented for your sins. You haven’t changed your mind about sinning. Repentance is changing course and direction. It’s heading away from sin, not towards it. It’s hating sin, not desiring it. Until you truly repent of your sins you’ll continue to sin. And as long as you’re unrepentant and unforgiven, you have no assurance that you’re a sheep.

(3) YOU’RE NOT CRUCIFYING SELF. Your inability to rise above sin is the result of you not resisting the temptation to sin. You’re not crucifying the lust that’s driving you to sin. Brethren, you can’t be victorious over sin and your lust if you aren’t living the crucified life. If you’re not putting Self and all of Self’s lusts to death on the cross you’ll continue to battle temptation and give in to sin. That’s why Jesus gave you the cross. Without it you can’t be His disciple, Luke 14:27. So if you’re a Christian, get up on the cross. YOU WON’T SIN WHEN YOU’RE ON THE CROSS.

(4) YOU’RE DEMONICALLY OPPRESSED. If you’ve truly repented of your sins, if you’re trying to crucify your lusts, but just aren’t getting anywhere; then you need to know that in instances of repetitive or compulsive sinning, a demonic oppression is likely involved.

There are demonic spirits whose main task is to induce or enslave a person to commit a particular sin. For example, a spirit of lust will appeal to your lusts and get you to fulfill or satisfy them every time. A lying spirit will make a compulsive liar out of you. A spirit of alcohol will make you captive to the bottle. A spirit of bitterness will keep you bitter, resentful, and unforgiving.  A porn spirit will keep you hooked on porn. The spirits are many.

If you’re addicted to some sin, if you’re a habitual sinner; then there’s demonic oppression involved. There’s a demon, or any number of demons, working in you—tempting and driving you to the sin that you’re addicted to. You’re their slave. They didn’t make you their slave. You voluntarily made yourself their slave by not refusing their temptations, by refusing to die on your cross, and by refusing to truly repent of your sins. Now that you’re their slave you’re pretty much at their mercy to do what they compel you to do. In a real way, you can’t help it. You’ve heard the popular saying, the Devil made me do it. There’s a lot of truth in that. It was still your choice to sin. You’re still responsible and accountable for your sin and actions. But you sinned because you were the Devil’s slave at that point. No matter how much you want to resist sin and rise above it, you end up sinning. That’s because you’re a captive of your lust. You lack the power to be victorious over your sin. You need to get rid of these demons in your life if you want to be free and victorious over your lusts and sins.

How to get rid of these oppressing spirits? You cast them out just like Jesus and His disciples did. (1) First, repent to God for your continued sinning in the particular area of your lust. Ask God to forgive you and set you free from oppression. [As a side note, if you’re not truly repentant, if you’re still determined to commit the same sin again, then you can forget about going through the motion of repentance and deliverance. It won’t work. You won’t get set free until you truly change your mind about the sin, hate it, forsake it, repent of it, and turn away from it.] (2) Next, go through deliverance or exorcism. You can get someone to pray with you and take you through deliverance. Or you can do it yourself. Address the particular demon involved and command him to come out of you in Jesus’ name. For example, if you’re battling sodomy in your life, command that spirit of sodomy to loose you, free you, and leave you in Jesus’ Name.  As a Christian, you have power over demons. You didn’t use it while you are oppressed. But you still had the power. Use it in Jesus’ Name and the demons must obey you. They must flee. They will leave you.

After you’re set free from demonic enslavement you need to keep yourself free by crucifying your lusts and not giving in to sin or temptation. Some people mistakenly believe that once they go through deliverance they won’t have any more problems with the sins and lusts that have plagued them all their lives. The Devil doesn’t quit easily. As Jesus warned us in Matthew 12:43-45, when demons are cast out, they’ll come back with more demons in an attempt to enslave and control you once again. There’ll be battles and temptations ahead. You’ve got to keep these demons out and not give in to them. The lusts that got you into trouble are still with you. You’ve still got them. That’s because you’re human and all humans have lusts. Christians crucify these lusts. That’s how they keep themselves from sinning and becoming demonically oppressed.


*DON’T THINK THAT YOU’LL NEVER BE ABLE TO DIE OUT TO YOUR LUST. You might be frustrated with all your past attempts to get rid of your lust or sin because it never worked. You tried to die out and resist it, but it didn’t work. You always gave in. So what’s the use trying?  “You’ll always have this problem!,” so the Devil says.

But that’s not true, brethren! THE REASON WHY YOU WEREN’T SUCCESSFUL IN THE PAST IS BECAUSE A DEMON WAS INVOLVED. YOU CAN’T CRUCIFY A DEMON! A demon doesn’t come out by crucifixion: it comes out by deliverance. Now that you’re delivered, the cross of crucifixion will work! You’ll die out! The lust that you’ve battled for so long will eventually lose its hold on your life, it’ll go, and you’ll be free of that lust. But the only way that can happen is if you put it to death on the cross and quit giving in to it.

Brethren, the lusts and temptations that you battle will not always be around. You won’t have to contend with them for the rest of your life. You won’t have these struggles for as long as you live. The lust will eventually go, the temptations will cease, the Devil will quit hassling you about the lust. But you’ve got to make all that happen by dying out to the lust. Freedom from the lust and temptation requires obedience and obedience means crucifixion.

CRUCIFIXION IS DESIGNED TO KILL. When a person was crucified, he didn’t survive the experience. Crucifixion always ended in death. Brethren, as long as you take your the lust on the cross it’ll eventually die there. I know of what I speak. Some things used to really tempt and enslave me. But they don’t anymore. They’re not a temptation to me anymore. I don’t crave or desire them now. They don’t interest me. I took them to the cross and the cross did its job. It’ll work the same way for you. THE MORE YOU DIE OUT TO THE LUST, THE MORE THE LUST LOSES ITS APPEAL TO YOU. You can be victorious over sin!

*QUIT WORRYING ABOUT TOMORROW AND ABOUT HOW YOU’LL TURN OUT.  Instead of spending your time worrying and fretting about your salvation and about what the future holds; direct your energies towards living the Christian life one day at a time. Brethren, quit worrying about the future! God has already given you His personal guarantee that you will never perish. Nothing will ever happen to you that you can’t possibly bear or endure as a Christian. Your worries are so needless and they’re rendering you useless or fruitless as a Christian. Realize that you’re constantly in God’s hands. God’s giving you all the grace you need to walk with Him. With this realization in mind, devote your time, thoughts, and energies towards walking with God and doing His will. Walk in the light you know. Take it one step at a time. And rest in God’s love.


John 10:27-29 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me: {28} And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand. {29} My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father’s hand. PTL!

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