The Devil wants to keep you confused and tormented about your salvation. There are demonic spirits at work here. In my previous post we looked at a lying spirit and the spirits of unworthiness and rejection. Now for the rest.

(4) THE SPIRIT OF TORMENT IS A SPIRIT OF CONDEMNATION.  When you sin or disobey the Lord, the Devil is real good at reminding you of these sins and keeping you condemned for them. True, you don’t have any excuses. You knew better, but you went ahead and sinned. As a result, here comes the Devil’s lies: “God’s rejected you, He’s not going to forgive you, He’s set His face against you, and He’s determined to keep you out of Heaven.” SIN, YOU SEE, OPENS THE DOOR TO CONDEMNATION. CONDEMNATION OPENS THE DOOR TO UNWORTHINESS. AND UNWORTHINESS OPENS THE DOOR TO REJECTION. The end result is, you’re tormented with thoughts and doubts about your salvation. Sin, I’m saying, plays a huge role in torment and in order for you to get rid of the torments you’ve got to deal with the sin and rebuke the spirit of condemnation that’s keeping you condemned for your sin.

The first thing you need to do is repent for your sin. If you’re not sorry for it and have every intention of doing it again, then you may as well forget about going through the motions of repentance because you’re not truly repentant. God isn’t fooled by outward shows of grief or remorse. And He isn’t obliged to forgive anyone who’s unrepentant.

But if you’re truly sorry and are doing your best not to sin, then repent of that sin. Ask God to forgive you. Then, by faith, receive His forgiveness. God, you see, forgives you when you repent and ask Him for forgiveness: HE DOESN’T WITHHOLD FORGIVENESS FROM YOU. HE DOESN’T REFUSE TO FORGIVE! 1 John 1:9 assures you, If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Do you know what this means?

It means, first of all, that it’s God’s will to forgive you of your sin. He doesn’t like the fact that you’ve disobeyed Him. It grieves Him that you’ve sinned. But YOUR SIN DOESN’T CHANGE GOD’S MIND ABOUT FORGIVING YOU. IT DOESN’T CHANGE HIS WILL OR DESIRE TO FORGIVE YOU. Brethren, you serve a very forgiving God! Don’t you ever forget that!

The promise of God’s forgiveness, in the second place, isn’t qualified or conditioned on the type of sin that you committed. If we confess our sins. You see, God didn’t list the different kinds of sins that He would forgive, nor did He say that there are some sins that He will not forgive. Sin is sin. If you sinned, then it’s forgivable. And it’s already been forgiven if you repented for it.

The only sin that’s unforgivable is the unpardonable sin and if you’ve committed that sin you wouldn’t be concerned, bothered, or convicted by it; you wouldn’t be seeking God’s forgiveness for that sin.

Aside from the unpardonable sin, THERE IS NO SIN THAT’S UNFORGIVABLE. THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS AN UNFORGIVABLE SIN. NO SIN THAT YOU’VE COMMITTED IS UNFORGIVABLE. Brethren, no matter what sin it was that you committed, it’s a forgivable sin and it lies within God’s desire and will to forgive. THE SERIOUSNESS OF THE SIN, MY FRIEND, DOESN’T CHANGE GOD’S DESIRE OR WILL TO FORGIVE YOU!

Lastly, God’s faithfulness and justice require Him to forgive you of your sin when you repent of it and ask Him for forgiveness. He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins.  The reason why God forgives you is because His nature demands it. He forgives you because He has to. If He didn’t, He would be unfaithful and unjust. And if He were unfaithful and unjust, He would quit being God. He would no longer be God. Friends, IT’S IMPOSSIBLE FOR GOD NOT TO FORGIVE YOU WHEN YOU REPENT OF YOUR SIN AND ASK HIM FOR FORGIVENESS! GOD WOULDN’T BE GOD IF HE REFUSED TO FORGIVE YOU! Do you seriously think God’s going to quit being God because of you and your sin? Fat chance.

If you’ve repented for your sin, then there’s no such thing as an unforgiven sin in your past. Psalm 103:3 plainly tells you, He forgiveth all thine iniquities. Brethren, there’s no exception to that promise! THERE’S NO SIN IN YOUR PAST THAT REMAINS UNFORGIVEN IF YOU’VE REPENTED FOR IT. THERE’S NO SIN IN YOUR PAST THAT CAN KEEP YOU OUT OF THE KINGDOM. Listen once again to what Jesus said, I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish. Brethren, if God has forgiven you, you stand forgiven right now! You’re not condemned! Don’t let the Devil tell you otherwise!

Romans 8:1  assures us that there is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. Read it again and read it slowly. God said right now, this very moment, there is no condemnation. Brethren, THE LORD DOESN’T CONDEMN YOU FOR SINS THAT YOU’VE REPENTED OF. He forgives you.

If you’re not sure you’re saved because you sinned and you find yourself mired in remorse, unsure of God’s forgiveness; then chances are, somewhere along the line, you’ve opened the door to a demonic spirit of condemnation. It’s the Devil who’s condemning you. And in order for you to get delivered from the torment of condemnation and unforgiveness you’re going to have to renounce and rebuke this spirit of condemnation and get that demon out of you. Start with repentance for your sin. And while you’re at it, repent to God for your refusal or failure to believe the fact that He’s already forgiven you. Believe that God has forgiven you. Accept His forgiveness. Then go after that demon of condemnation, command him to loose you and come out of you in Jesus’ Name. He has to and he will. Then the next time that demon comes around, telling you your sins haven’t been forgiven, rebuke that lying demon and put that spirit of condemnation on the exit ramp.

(5) THE SPIRIT OF TORMENT IS A SPIRIT OF UNBELIEF.  Unbelief and torment go together and they work together. Those who are demonically tormented don’t really believe that God loves them and wants them to go to Heaven. They don’t believe they’re saved. They’re a pretty hard group of people to deal with and get through because they’ve so completely swallowed up Satan’s lies.

But nothing is too hard for the Lord to do, He can prevail and bring His unbelieving sheep to faith and repentance. Friends, to get rid of all these doubts that plague your mind you’ve got to get rid of unbelief and resolve in your heart that you’re going to quit arguing with the Word and quit finding all sorts of reasons why you can’t possibly make it into Heaven. Repent of your unbelief and believe everything the Lord says about you and your salvation. Don’t argue with Him!

Unbelief is like the gas that fuels and powers your car. When you deprive a car of gas, you deprive it of its ability to run. Brethren, YOU’LL BE FREE FROM TORMENT WHEN YOU DECIDE YOU’RE NOT GOING TO FEED AND FUEL THAT TORMENT WITH YOUR UNBELIEF ANYMORE. Believe and confess God’s promises, especially those that we’ve just look at, and get rid of that demon of unbelief!

Coming Up On My Next Blog Post, Part 3. Now that we’ve got the Devil out of the way, it’s time to fix the messed up theology that tormented people have about salvation. It’s theology that’s actually very interesting. Captivating. Definitely not dry-as-toast. Water bottles or Heimlichs not needed here.

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