The following blog builds upon everything I covered in my five blogs on Eternal Security. If you haven’t read them I urge you to do that now. These blogs on Knowing You’re Saved are dedicated to all God’s people who question their salvation. They’re posted with the prayer that God will bless you with the knowledge and peace of His loving, saving, forgiving hand. From His heart to yours, you can be sure you’re saved!


In reading through these Scriptures that we’ve just read in my previous post (Eternal Security Part 5), the thing that I’d like most for you to see is the fact that God comforts and assures His sheep of their inalienable salvation. It’s God who tells them that their salvation will never be taken away from them, no one will ever be able to snatch them out of the Father’s hand, and they will never perish. GOD, I’M SAYING, COMFORTS HIS PEOPLE WITH THE FACT THAT THEY’RE SAVED AND GOING TO HEAVEN. BRETHREN, IT’S NOT THE LORD WHO TORMENTS YOU WITH DOUBTS AND FEARS ABOUT YOUR SALVATION!

GOD’S NOT TRYING TO KEEP YOU OUT OF HEAVEN. His invitation is, always has been, and still remains, whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved (Romans 10:13). Whosoever, my friends, means you! It includes you! God’s not trying to keep you out of Heaven. He’s trying to get you into Heaven and Calvary is the proof of that! Jesus died for you so that you wouldn’t have to spend eternity in Hell.

Your torments and doubts about your salvation come from the Devil. He’s the one who’s planting all these doubts in your mind, telling you you’re not saved or going to Heaven. Do you know why he’s doing it? Because he’s trying to render you useless as a Christian, trying to tell you you’re no good to God, so that you’ll turn your back on Him and go to Hell.

In order for you to be rid of these torments you’ve got to come face to face with the Devil, do battle against him, and silence his lying tongue. Brethren, you’ve got to fight the Devil if you want to be freed from the torments that plague your mind. If you don’t feel like fighting the Devil, ask God for the grace, willingness, and courage to fight. God promised you in Philippians 2:13 that He would make you willing and able to do His good will or pleasure. God, my friends, will give you the willingness to fight and with that willingness, He’ll give you the victory in the fight, you’ll win over the Devil and the torments will cease. But you’ve got to fight the Devil for your freedom.

Now there are any number of demons that are directly responsible for tormenting you about your salvation. You need to wait on the Lord for wisdom as to which demons in particular you’re fighting against. Here are a few of the ones that are commonly involved, and work together, in any warfare relating to your salvation, preservation, and eternal destiny.

(1) THE SPIRIT OF TORMENT IS A LYING SPIRIT.  One of the first things you should know is, if you’re a true child of God, then a lying demon will come to you at some point in your Christian life and try to convince you you’re not saved. He’ll tell you all kinds of things that may even sound good and right. But the truth of the matter is, they’re all lies. He’s lying to you because he doesn’t want you to go to Heaven. He doesn’t want you to believe you’re saved. Brethren, there’s a lying demon talking to you and he’s trying to rob you of your faith and assurance regarding your salvation. Don’t listen to him or believe him. Come against that demon in faith and in the name of Jesus. Rebuke him, tell him to shut up, then send him to the abyss where he belongs.

(2) THE SPIRIT OF TORMENT IS A SPIRIT OF UNWORTHINESS. One of the things a lying demon will tell you is that you’re not worthy of God. You’re nothing to God. God isn’t the least bit interested in you. This is the spirit of unworthiness talking to you.

While it is indeed true that we are unworthy, in and of ourselves, and that we are to have a humble view of ourselves and not be lifted up with pride; the unworthiness that’s involved here is a false humility that robs its victims of their joy (they’re not joyful because they’re just miserable, unwanted sinners); it robs them of their faith (they can’t believe God for the promises because they’re unworthy of God’s goodness); and it robs them of their victory (they live defeated lives of depression, convinced of the lie that God doesn’t love them).

The truth of the matter is, God has made us favored and accepted in Christ Jesus. Ephesians 1:6 once again reads, God hath made us accepted in the beloved. Do you know what accepted means? It means favored. God has made us favored in Christ, He looked upon us with favor and made us an object or recipient of His goodness and love.

There are two things about God’s favor that I’d like for you to note. First, God has already, past tense, made you favored in Christ. It’s not something that’s going to happen to you sometime in the future. To the contrary, it’s something that’s already done! You’re already favored in God’s eyes. You’re favored right now!

And second, it’s God who made you favored. You didn’t do one thing to earn God’s favor and there’s nothing you can ever do to earn it. God favored you because it was His sovereign will and pleasure to do it. While you are truly unworthy, in and of yourself, nevertheless, by God’s grace, He has made you worthy, favored, and accepted in His sight. Brethren, despite your desire to be humble in the sight of God, don’t open the door to this spirit of unworthiness. Don’t let him convince you you’re no good in God’s eyes. Believe and quote the truth of Scripture: God has made you favored in Christ. You are a favored child of God!

(3) THE SPIRIT OF TORMENT IS A SPIRIT OF REJECTION.  Another thing a lying demon will tell you is the lie that God doesn’t love you or want you, He hates you, and He’s out to damn you. This is where another demon, the spirit of rejection, comes in. This spirit of rejection doesn’t want you to know, or believe, that God loves you and has made you accepted in Christ. If the Devil can talk you into believing God doesn’t want you, then you won’t want God; it’ll be useless for you to want God because He doesn’t want you anyway (so the Devil says); so you quit walking with God, you don’t talk to Him, you turn away from Him and give up on Him.

Brethren, if you’ve received Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior, then you need to know that God accepts you, He wants you, and it’s His will for you to spend eternity in Heaven with Him. Ephesians 1:6says God hath made us accepted in the beloved. GOD ACCEPTS YOU, NOT REJECTS YOU!

Read what Jesus promised in John 6:37, All that the Father giveth me shall come to me; and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out. Friend, GOD DOESN’T REJECT ANYONE WHO COMES TO HIM FOR SALVATION. HE DOESN’T TURN ANYONE AWAY. AND THAT INCLUDES YOU! God’s will is to receive you, not reject you. He said if you draw nigh to Him, He’ll draw nigh to you (James 4:8). Brethren, God’s won’t step away from you when you take a step towards Him. He loves you, wants you, and accepts you.

If you find yourself constantly feeling rejected by God, then you need to know that THE FEELINGS OF REJECTION THAT YOU BATTLE DO NOT COME FROM GOD. The Scriptures that we’ve cited above make this abundantly clear. The rejection that you battle is a work of Satan and chances are, somewhere along the way, you’ve opened the door to oppression by a spirit of rejection. Repent to God for believing these lies of the Devil and for giving in to these feelings of rejection. Believe the promise of God’s acceptance. Then ask God to deliver you from this spirit of rejection.

You can get another believer to pray with you and take you through deliverance. If there’s no one around, you can address the Devil yourself and command the spirit of rejection to loose you and come out of you in the name of Jesus. As long as you resist him, the spirit of rejection cannot stay inside you. He cannot defy you and oppress you against your will. He must come out and the torments must cease. Proclaim your deliverance and confess the promise of Ephesians 1:6, God has made me accepted in the beloved. When you start to battle feelings or thoughts of rejection, send that lying, rejecting demon packing!

Coming Up On My Next Blog Post, Part 2. A couple more demons to get rid of. God’s cleaning house, so don’t harbor these fugitives. Aiding and abetting are not allowed.


  1. queenlorene said,

    February 16, 2013 at 12:59 AM

    I have been battling this exact problem. I don’t believe that God loves me, every door is shut and I am left out in the cold. Reading your other posts on the assurance of salvation make me think that I have lost mine, for all of the ways to lose it are pertinent to me, so perhaps what I feel is real. God has shoved me away. I just don’t know what to do about it.

    • gaylorddiaz said,

      February 18, 2013 at 4:28 PM

      Hi Lorene, I think every Christian has, at some time or another, doubted his/her salvation. I have. And for the period of months that I doubted I was the most miserable person alive. It’s a real downer. My struggles ended when I raised my hands in surrender to God, told Him “I give up,” and God took over from there and showed me all kinds of neat stuff about Himself, His love for me, and the extent He went to to save me and keep me saved. To this very day, I occasionally have these doubts of God’s love and salvation. Quite instructively, these thoughts assail me when I’m depressed and life gets pretty tough and stinky for me. The devil knows when to hit us–when we’re down. A little rest in bed and an attitude readjustment brings me back to truth and faith in God’s love. The devil is damnably good at convincing us we’re not saved and God doesn’t love us. Don’t listen to him, Lorene. Listen to God. He loves you. He saved you. It’s impossible for Him not to love you. He will not quit loving you. And He will not fail in keeping you saved. KNOWING YOU’RE SAVED #3,4,5 and ETERNAL SECURITY #3 & 5 should help you out of the morass. See also my response to your comments in DO YOU BELONG TO CHRIST. Believe in God’s love for you. You may have a thousand and one reasons not to believe that God loves you. God has one proof to prove He loves you: He, through Christ, died for you…to save you. If you love Him and believe Him, as I know you do, then you’re saved inspite of the feelings, thoughts, sins, and fears that assail you. You’re in a spiritual warfare against the devil and I’ll be mightily praying for you that God give you victory over Satan and fill you with His love and peace and assurance of salvation. If you’d like my help in the battle, email me and we’ll whop the devil together.

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