5. Judas’ Suicide

 Matthew 27:3-5, Then Judas, which had betrayed him, when he saw that he was condemned, repented himself, and brought again the thirty pieces of silver to the chief priests and elders, {4} Saying, I have sinned in that I have betrayed the innocent blood.  And they said,  What is that to us? see thou to that. {5} And he cast down the pieces of silver in the temple, and departed, and went and hanged himself.

MISTAKE. Judas, like the rest of the apostles, never believed or expected that Jesus would die. When Judas saw that Jesus was condemned to die because of his treachery he was remorseful and he went to the chief priests. For what purpose? (1)  To return the money that the chief  priests gave him to deliver Jesus into their hands. The gesture, back then, was the same as saying, “let’s call our deal off. Here’s your money back. Let Jesus go.” (2) He confessed his guilt in bringing Jesus before the Court. And (3) he confessed Jesus’ innocence.

Judas’ confession here is hugely significant because, in the eyes of Hebrew Law, this confession would have reversed the Court’s death penalty and set Jesus free. You see, whenever a witness stepped forward to testify to the innocence of the accused the Court was obliged to hear him. The Court may have already passed sentence against the accused. The accused might already be on his way to execution. But as long as the accused was alive the Court was obliged to halt everything and bring the accused back before the Court. In fact, the law required all the judges to remain in their seats while the accused was being escorted to execution. They were to stay in Court just in case a witness steps forward and presents evidence for the innocence of the accused. The court took every measure to prevent killing an innocent man. If the testimony of the last-minute witness was deemed true or reliable by the Court, the Court would immediately release the accused. So what Judas is doing here is he’s seeking Jesus’ freedom and release. He’s pleading to save Jesus’ life!

What Judas does here is admirable and commendable. He’s trying to undo what he’s done. He’s trying to make amends for his wrong. He’s trying to get things right. That’s all good and right. But THE ONE THING YOU CAN’T DO IS TURN THE CLOCK BACK AND UNDO WHAT YOU’VE ALREADY DONE. WHAT’S DONE IS DONE AND YOU CAN’T UNDO THAT. You can make amends or restitution. You can confess your sin, express your remorse, ask for forgiveness, and get it. You can pay the legal punishments for your crime. But YOU CAN’T UNDO WHAT YOU’VE ALREADY DONE.

How Judas must have wished he had never betrayed the Lord! If only he hadn’t, things would have been so much different for him. He would have had a life and a future if only he didn’t strike his bargain with the priests. But, alas, it was too late. He committed a sin and he couldn’t undo that sin or stop the consequences of that sin from coming to pass.


THE LESSON.  Notice that Judas returned the entire sum of money that he got for betraying the Lord. He loved money so much that he betrayed his Lord for it. But the money that he thought would buy him happiness bought him, or  brought  him, no such happiness. What he lusted after, and got, now filled him  with remorse and regret.  He never got  to spend, or enjoy, a single cent!   The money that he wanted so much, and got, now meant nothing to him.

Friends, you could live your life for the sin that you presently harbor and hide. It could be money. Pornography. Illicit sexual relationships and love affairs. An addiction to nicotine,  drugs, alcohol. What is it that you’re hiding? What is it that you’re so much in love with? Listen. SIN WASN’T MEANT TO MAKE YOU HAPPY! IT WAS MEANT TO KILL YOU—just like it ended up killing Judas. THE THINGS YOU LOVE NOW YOU’LL LATER COME TO HATE OR REGRET. IT WON’T GIVE YOU THE HAPPINESS YOU THOUGHT IT WOULD. INSTEAD, THE SIN THAT YOU LOVE WILL FILL YOU WITH SORROW AND REGRET.

The Devil, dear friends, is out to kill and damn as many people as he can. And he does that by making sin look so good, advantageous, fun, pleasurable, innocent, and small.

Brethren, don’t minimize the smallness or seeming innocence of your sin. People justify their sins with the self-deluding notion that it isn’t a big deal, they’re not hurting anyone, they’re not committing a crime, it’s not really a sin. But it is a sin. No matter how small or trivial a sin you think it is, sin is still sin. And SIN UNREPENTED OF WILL KILL YOU. Brethren, JUDAS LOST HIS LIFE AND SOUL OVER ONE SEEMINGLY SMALL AND INNOCENT SIN! JUDAS’ LOVE OF MONEY ENDED UP KILLING HIM.

Whoever imagined that the love of money would lead to murder and suicide? Judas never imagined that his hidden sin would end the way it did—in Jesus’ death and his own.

Sin, as I said, wasn’t meant to make you happy.  It was meant  to  kill  you.  SIN THAT YOU DON’T FORSAKE OR REPENT OF WILL EVENTUALLY AND ULTIMATELY KILL YOU—if not physically, then spiritually. In many instances, as it was in Judas’ case, sin kills you both physically and spiritually.

Every sin, regardless of its size or severity leaves you guilty in the sight of God. Every sin, no matter how small or minor you think it is, carries a price. You will pay the penalty for every sin that you leave undealt with, unconfessed, and unrepented. YOU CAN’T COMMIT A SIN—OR KEEP ON COMMITTING A SIN—WITHOUT PAYING THE PENALTY FOR THAT SIN! AS LONG AS YOU’RE   UNREPENTANT   YOU  CAN’T  GET OUT OF SUFFERING THE CONSEQUENCES, PENALTY, JUDGMENT, AND PUNISHMENT OF SIN NO MATTER HOW SMALL, INSIGNIFICANT, MINOR, OR TRIVIAL YOU THINK IT MIGHT BE.

In closing, let me say as emphatically as I can, no one–no sin, no love, no lust, no person, no thing–is worth going to Hell over. A single second in Hell will resound this undeniable, unarguable truth. A fleeting moment of sin’s enjoyment is not worth an endless torment of sin’s punishment. Friend, give up the sin and turn to Christ. Don’t let this opportunity to be forgiven and saved escape you today. You may not have tomorrow. May God help you–may He help us all–forsake sin and serve Christ.

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