As we grow older and we go through life’s manifold experiences and trials; as our bodies go through the degenerative aging process; I’ve learned this much—we all need the Lord. Every human being without exception needs the Lord.  Not everyone realizes, acknowledges, or accepts this basic fact of life. Many live and die rejecting God and ridiculing the absurd notion of God. As far as they’re concerned, they have no need for God. I am so glad to be contrarily minded.

  • When we’re sick in a serious way, we need God to heal us.
  • When the doctors give us no hope, we need God to fill us with hope.
  • When we’re confronted with life’s greatest fears, we need God to calm our fears and fill our mind with His peace and the knowledge that everything’s going to be alright. He’ll take care of us.
  • When the tragedies of life overtake us and our soul is disconsolate with grief, we need God to bring peace to our troubled soul.
  • When we’re tormented and driven to insanity by our inner demons, we need God to set us free and give us rest.
  • When the trials of life assail us on every side and we just can’t find any reason to hold on and live, we need God to shine the sun of His love upon us and show us a better morning coming.
  • When everything we’ve tried just isn’t working and we’re at our wits’ end to find an answer or solution, we need God to give us wisdom and show us the way.
  • When we’re confronted with so many conflicting opinions, beliefs, and philosophies—each one sounding singularly good and right; we need God to show us the light of truth and deliver us from the damning lies of men and demons.
  • When we’re driven to the point of despair and hopelessness where taking our life is the only remedy we know; we need God to intervene and stop us. We need Him to give us hope and a reason to live for just one more moment. And for each moment after that.
  • When our strength is gone and we lie at the mercies of others to care for us, we need God to fill us with strength beyond our years; and if not that, then to give us a sense of our dignity and worth.
  • When our mind fails and leaves us, we need God to be with us still and let us know He’ll not leave or forsake us.
  • When we’re staring death in the face and are on the verge of passing into “The Great Unknown,” we need God to let us know beyond a shadow of a doubt that He’ll be there to usher us into a better world and a better life.
  • Finally, when our life is over and we stand before the Judgment Seat of God, as every human being will surely stand; we need God to be merciful to us and grant us a place in glory. How we’ll need Him to deliver us from a pained and tormented eternity in the fires of Hell—indescribable pain for time without end. O how we all need the Lord!

I am blest to believe in God and to be His child. I am a recipient of God’s many, and daily, mercies. Yes, I’ve known life’s many trials and I’ve cried my share of tears. But God’s been there for me and I’ve made it this far because He’s borne me in His arms of love. I face an unknown, uncertain future. But this much I know. God will be there for me. And, with Him by my side, I can face what lies ahead with peace, hope, and joy in knowing that He’ll never leave, fail, or forsake me. I praise Him. And yes, I need Him. As much, and more, now than ever before.

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