Recently, in preparation for a  forthcoming blog on Free Will and Christian Liberty or Freedom, I was thinking about how God created us as free moral creatures. We are created with the freedom to make our own decisions. With the capacity to choose what we will. Since we are created in the image of God, then, in a single moment of time and Divine illumination, I saw that God Himself is a free moral Being. He has free will. And He has the freedom or capacity to choose evil and sin if He wanted to. Of course, we’re trained to think that God can’t do that, it’s impossible for Him to do that, because He’s God. He’s totally righteous. And He would never choose to sin. Therein is the point. He would never choose to sin—not because He can’t. The fact of the matter is, He can if He wanted to because He has free will. No one’s forcing Him to be sinless. No one’s stopping Him from sinning. God wouldn’t, He doesn’t, choose to sin because He chooses to be—and remain—absolutely righteous, pure, and free from sin. He’s sinless by an act of His will, by a choice He makes.

Just think how profoundly human life and history would be changed if God, like Satan, chose to sin. We wouldn’t have a just, righteous God. We wouldn’t have a true, infallible Word on which to base our faith and hope. We wouldn’t have a Savior. We wouldn’t have salvation. We would be doomed to an endless eternity in Hell. Why? Because a sinful God cannot save anyone, including Himself. As the Biblical story of Christ teaches us, IT TOOK A SINLESS SAVIOR TO SAVE US FROM SIN. IF GOD CHOSE TO SIN AT ANY TIME–IN THE INFINITE SPAN OF TIME THAT ETERNITY IS–WE WOULD ALL BE DOOMED!

Our present quality of life and future eternal well-being hinge on God choosing not to sin. Thank you, God, for not ever choosing to sin. We’re saved and we have a hope because You always choose to be holy, sinless, and right. Help us, O God, to be like You. Help us choose not to sin.

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