I’m looking at some of the mistaken ideas we have that incite us to complain. If we can get rid of these ideas we’ll get rid of most of the grumbling that we do. That is the goal. That’s what the Lord wants us to do. So let’s get started and look at another one of these wrong ideas that induce us to complain.

2. I WANT EVERYTHING I WANT! Like the Israelites, we complain because we don’t have what we had, and enjoyed, in Egypt. I’m talking about our past, unregenerate life in the world. We want what we had, and enjoyed, in the world. And when we don’t have it, or can’t have it, we complain.

But instead of complaining, dear friends, you’ve got to understand that you had, and enjoyed, some things in Egypt that God doesn’t mean for you to have, and enjoy, now that you’re a Christian. Times have changed. Things are different. Because you yourself are different. You’ve changed from being the old, unregenerate person that you were. You’re a Christian now and that changes everything for you. The lifestyle you lived and the rules and beliefs, philosophies and morals, that you lived by while you were in Egypt no longer apply to you. You can’t live by them. That’s because you’re a child of God now. And as a child of God, you live under God’s rules, beliefs, and morals. SOME OF THE THINGS YOU HAD IN EGYPT BELONG IN EGYPT. THEY STAY IN EGYPT. THEY’RE NOT MEANT TO BE HAD NOW. They’re not meant to follow you and satisfy you in this desert journey to the Promised Land.

You see, when the Israelites came to the Wilderness of Sin and found no food, they complained because it wasn’t what they were used to. They were used to Egypt. When they were in Egypt they could have whatever their appetites craved for. Egypt satisfied their longings. But the Israelites weren’t in Egypt anymore. They were in the desert. It was totally unrealistic and unreasonable for the Israelites to think they could continue to live and thrive on Egypt’s resources as long as they were in the desert. Some things just aren’t found in the desert! The barrenness of the desert meant they would have to give up some of life’s luxuries—like a pantry full of all kinds of meats and vegetables, a bath every night, fresh clothes to wear everyday, and the like. The desert journey meant they would have to adopt a different lifestyle or diet—one that was conducive to a desert environment. Perhaps, for the very first time, it dawned on them that this journey to the Promised Land meant life for a little while would be different. Changes would have to be made as far as their lifestyle, living conditions, and diet, were concerned. They would have to adapt to the harsh realities of a desert environment. It was a different environment. A totally different environment. And changes had to be made. When the Israelites saw the changes and the trials involved, they didn’t like it very well. And they let Moses know.

In much the same way, you’re no longer in Egypt. There are some things you had in Egypt—some things you enjoyed in your unregenerate days—that can’t be had now that you’re in this walk with the Lord. I’m talking about Egypt’s pleasures and lusts—cigarettes, beer, drugs, unclean and unrestrained sex, to name a few. You lived it up in Egypt and fulfilled your fleshly lusts. You felt good. And when sin’s after-effects caught up with you and you felt bad, you didn’t feel bad for long because there was always a pill or a shot to take the pain away. Now that you’re in this hot and barren desert—this narrow walk of holiness—your flesh cries out for a little bit of fun. For a little bit of Egypt. For a little bit of relief! And if you don’t watch out, you’ll start complaining about this narrow walk of life that God’s set you on. You’ll wonder why you can’t have this or that, why you can’t do this or that, why you can’t enjoy some of the pleasures and fun you enjoyed in the past.

Friends, some things aren’t meant to be had in the desert! You’re a Christian now. God’s called you to a high standard of faith and holiness and obedience. He’s placed you in this desert journey to perfection. Some of the things that you had or enjoyed in Egypt don’t come with the journey. God brought you out of Egypt. What’s in Egypt stays in Egypt. Life is different now. It’s a different way of life. It involves change. That change, dear friends, is spelled C-R-U-C-I-F-I-X-I-O-N.  The change God has called you to make is called dying out and putting fleshly lusts and desires to death. THAT’S WHAT THE DESERT TRIALS, IN PART, ARE ALL ABOUT: GOD’S WEANING YOU AWAY FROM EGYPT, MAKING YOU MORE UNLIKE EGYPT AND MORE LIKE HIS SON JESUS CHRIST. To make it in this desert journey to Glory Land you have to make the change. Quit complaining about what you left behind. Quit complaining about not having some of the things you had in Egypt; or about not being able to do some of the things you used to do in Egypt. You’re in the desert now. Some things are meant for crucifying—not complaining

Coming Up On My Next Blog Post, Part 6. Think you’ve got every right to complain? You might want to reconsider that. I’ll show you why next time. Stay with me, hang tough, and let’s lick this lip problem once and for all.

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